A fully functional Katana featuring a pattern welded blade!

PS-SS678 Damascus Katana

  • This functional katana measures 41" overall with a 28.25" long sharp blade, and measures 43" overall when sheathed. Blade: 1045 and 1065 Carbon Steels pattern welded together to resemble 'Damascus' steel. Handle features: Cotton Ito (cord wrapping), Real Same (stingray skin under-wrap), and 2 bamboo mekugi (pins) which can be removed for sword disassembly. Brass components include the Tsuba (hand guard), Fuchi (handle band), Kashira (handle cap), and Menuki (handle decoration). Sword comes in a brocade box with a cotton sword bag and sword cleaning kit. *$10.00 oversize item charge included in price*