A fully functional O-Katana with asian dragon styled Tsuba.


  • This functional O-Katana measures 44.5" overall with a 29.75" long sharp blade, and measures 45.5" overall when sheathed. Blade: 1045 Carbon Steel with a wire-brushed Hamon (temper line). The handle (Tsuka) on this O-Katana is extra long at 13.25". Handle features: Cotton Ito (cord wrapping), artificial Same (stingray skin under-wrap), and 2 bamboo Mekugi (pins) which can be removed for sword disassembly. Tsuba (hand guard), Fuchi (handle band), Kashira (handle cap) and Menuki (handle decorations) are cast metal with a black finish. This O-Katana comes with a black cotton sword bag. ** A over sized shipping charge of $15.00 has been added to the price of this sword **